We play the second time for Róża

During fundraising action during the Salt Mine Cup 2019 tournament, we managed to raise 2988 PLN. Also the auction of football jerseys organized and conducted by kuro detailing and High Class Rent companies, brought additional 5500 PLN.

Additionally, thanks to the fundraising actions of all people associated with the foundation, and income generated by catering services during the tournament, our foundation will provide support and pay for the next intrathecal application for Róża as part of mesenchymal therapy with stem cells from Wharton's Jelly in the total amount of PLN 11,880. We would like to thank everyone for their support and help for Róża.



Salt Mine Cup🏆 will play for Róża Zaręba for the second time in its short history.

During our tournament, there is always a fundraising event for a child in need from our local community. We still want to continue this tradition and this year, through fun sports activities, also support selected child in need. During the upcoming edition, we will support Róża Zaręba for the second time in its several-year-long tradition. In the result of 2017event, we managed to cover a full year long rehabilitation of Róża. Róża is a 10-year-old girl from Wieliczka, suffering from Dande Walker syndrome and chromosome 9 trisomy. Róża is in a wheelchair and does not speak. Her chance for a better life is a stem cell transplant, after which she will be able to start talking. The girl is already after the first treatment. A full treatment is 10 applications. Unfortunately, each of them costs as much as PLN 12,000.


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Fund Raiser for Róża Zaręba


During the SALT MINE CUP 2017 tournament, a fundraiser was organized to support the treatment of Róża Zaręba.


Róża Zaręba

Róża was born on July 7, 2008. She was very tiny, weighed 1570g. Doctors suspected Edwards' syndrome, said there was no chance of surviving until morning. Unfortunately, her life is a constant struggle with the disease. Chromosome 9 trisomy is the most serious disease she is dealing with, and is described as a lethal condition, children do not live long enough to celebrate their 1st birthday. Róża is 8 years old and she is still fighting - we believe that we will manage to win Róża's life together. The other diagnoses are Dystrophy, Dysmorphia, Dande Walker Syndrome. But they are accompanied by many other disadvantages. She was born with dislocation of the knee and hip joints and varus feet, enlarged left ventricle, thickened endocardium, and an atrial leak. She had three brain hemorrhages. She had a blood transfusion twice. She had a hearing loss of 80 decibels. She has large brain dysplasia at the back of the head and numerous cysts at the front and temporal parts. Epilepsy in the MRI. Muscle contractions, pathology of the locomotor organs, pain syndromes, spasticity or acute reflux make everyday functioning difficult. She has already undergone oral and eye surgery, has been under anesthesia more times than number of years she lives. In order to develop, she participates in many therapies, including rehabilitation, physiotherapy, hippotherapy, sensory integration, and complex neurological therapy. Without it, there is no chance for a normal life. Despite this, Róża still does not speak or can walk on her own (the defect causes an imbalance). This year, another hope appeared for Róża. She was qualified for surgery using the Ulzibata method - the so-called Fibrotomy.

At the moment, Róża's greatest need, and both a chance for better functioning, is participation in many specialized therapies, including physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, neurological therapy or hippotherapy, which, unfortunately, are very expensive.



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