After finishing collecting funds after a soccer tournament Salt Mine Cup 2018, Foundation Mali Mistrzowie has transferred the amount of 10 017 PLN for supporting medical treatment of Adas Dobrowolski.  We encourage to support Adas further. My Way to Independence Adas Dobrowolski.


It’s worth to help!

! This year’s Salt MIne Cup 2018 took place for Adas Dobrowolski.

During this year’s edition of the tournament, we held fund collection for medical treatment of Adas Dobrowolski.

Short story from Adas’s parents:


Adas has a childhood cerebral palsy with progressive spasticity of the lower limbs (spastic familial paraplegia). He is very lively and energetic 6 year old boy, who as well as his fellow friends, is dreaming about playing football. Unfortunately, for him, it’s not that easy. Spasticity, which is progressing all the time, is slowly taking away his everyday smile. The only solution for him is an expensive surgery iin the United states at Ts Park. With Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, spasticity can be removed once and for all. Unfortunately, in order to have a surgery, we need to collect a sum of money we don’t have. The costs of the operation is 70 000 USD, plus costs of travel, monthly stay in the United States and rehabilitation, which will result in the unreachable for us amount 350 000 USD. Until today we have managed to collect around 80 000 USD, but the every minute is crucial for us, since the operation due date is 3rd of July 2022. Without this surgery, Adam will lose his chance for independent walking, as the further we delay the rhizotomy, the less chances Adas will have walk normally.


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